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SAJIN - Japanese Green Tea

KYOTO - Organic Sencha

Sencha is the most popular Green Tea in Japan-known for its well balanced sweetness and slight bitterness. 100% organic, and grown in Kyoto the birthplace of Sencha, this tea will leave you feeling refreshed and energized. Grown in natural sunlight then picked, steamed, kneaded and dried - KYOTO can be drank daily, or on special occasions. 

ROSE - Premium Green Tea Blend

Our ROSE Green Tea Is a premium blend of hand selected Gyokuro and Sencha. The sweetness of the Sencha balances the umami found in the Gyokuro. Rose petals are added that give off a vibrant aroma, and light floral sweetness that captures your heart 🤍.

LEMON - Premium Green Tea Blend

The citrus notes are a subtle and natural companion to our premium blend of Gyokuro and Sencha. Perfect for a moment of refuge, or when you simply want something warm and comforting. The friendly tartness of LEMON performs wondrously in your cup.

GINGER - Premium Green Tea Blend

Slightly peppery and yet sweet GINGER pairs perfectly with our premium blend of Gyokuro and Sencha. The ginger root warms your body and mind, soothing you from the inside out.